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Thursday, August 7, 2014

What Do You Say To This...

Contractor Talking to Client

We have all had this question before. It can be phrased several different ways, “Ball Park Pricing” or “Approximately” are the most common examples. I personally get this from several different kinds of buyers weekly. My first buyer is just looking for pricing for whatever reason. They might be closing on a house and looking for costs or budgeting for income tax refund day. In my case this past week, I visited an investor who just bought a 2 bedroom house and wanted to make it a 3 bedroom house and add a bathroom.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Sure Fire Way To Become The Contracting Expert

This is one of the coolest ideas I have seen for Contractors in a long, long time.

You want to be the expert write a book. The coolest part about this book is the process to make the book. I explain the entire process in the audio below.

We recorded audio on how to make this book in our podcast that will help break everything down for you.

Enjoy and Leave a Comment...I like the +1's, but feedback helps..


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Job-Site Selfies, Good Idea or Get a Life

             (Clearwater, Sidewalk Selfie)

I look through websites for good pictures and themes. I look for different angles at job sites that enhance the end product and highlight the craftsmanship. 

I see tons of pictures of finished work or before and afters. I always question is this a real pic from the company or do they pay for pics. Some companies use watermarks on their pictures to give them authenticity which I think is a great idea. Other companies take pictures while employees are present on the job and you can read the shirt or truck. That is usually the extent of pictures on websites.

I want to be different...

For the month of August, I will be taking selfies and videos at jobs to see if this resignates with my audience. My audience is Baby Boomers with disposable income that have just retired or will retire within 3 years that typically just moved. I can use these pictures for both blogs and social media.

My theory is these pictures and videos will come across genuine and authentic. 

Give me your thoughts on this, Good Idea or Get a Life?


What To DO With Upset Customers..

Man I had a doozy today...

A good close customer to me went nuts today. I had to stop and listen to the concerns and knod my head. Listen to their argument while keeping eye contact the entire time.

Complaint: My A+ Trim carpenter screwed some crown molding up and made a mess. Come to find out he got real busy and subcontracted the job and his sub screwed up. Marked up freshly painted walls, smeared fingerprints on new doors..The works.

I had to just sit and take the lashing like a man.

Here is the steps I used when getting a good lashing:

1. Keep Calm: My body language during the lashing was arms down and not aggressive what so ever.

2. Listen: Maintaining eye contact and nodding my head showed engagement and I was listening.

3. Response: Maintain control of the situation and explain how you will rectify. I like to take personal responsibility even if its not my direct fault.

4. Commitment: This mess will be cleaned up by tomorrow and I will make sure everything is taken care.

I saw a switch in their face and body language when I took these steps. I maintained the job and was able to gain trust back.

Please add your story below?

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Dirty Epiphany..Four Small Words Can Change A Buyer.

I love to do Mud Runs with my wife and friends.

This past week we did the Rugged Maniac (Picture Above).

The event was first class when it comes to mud runs. Thousands of people, 26 obstacles, tons of mud and fun.

At this event there were sponsors all over the place. The tents were full except for the Air Force tent. I thought it was a little funny to see the Air Force and I wanted to chat. I watched from afar as people just walked right past the guy trying to hand out bags. The blue cheap bags that you get everywhere and nobody wants them.

I hear him asking, "HEY, would you like a bag?" 

I watched for 3 minutes and he started to get board and spin the bag and pace around.

I heard over the bull horn my race was starting.

I finished the race and headed back to sponsors covered in mud. I see a line to the Air Force tent. I am trying to see around the crowd, did someone fall down, I hear the same guy, "Hey, Would you like a bag for your dirty clothes?" 

Wow..The bags were going off the shelf. Three large boxes later he was empty. A big smile on his face.

My thought, how can I do this in my business?

Example: "Hey, I build homes" Who cares right.."Hey, I am your builder" Awful, some what desperate.
"Hey, Do you need more room for your family" Engagement

How can you apply this to your business? Give me your thoughts

Friday, May 23, 2014

Controversial Advertising For Contractors

I debated writing this for 3.5 minutes. I almost took out 2 cars while trying to pullover and take a picture of this. I am not usually attracted to men spread out over 30 feet of canvass but, I read Roofers..That caught my eye.

I have a roofing license and in all my years of doing this I have never seen an advertisement like this. When I think roofing, I think of Sweat, Hardwork, Professional, A little crazy..I dont think of this advertisement. I think this does a disservice to our industry.

My next thought, how about the customers perspective..WIFM..Whats in it for me.

If I have a roof leak and I see this billboard. Will this guy come and fix my leak? Doubtfull. He looks more like and escort.

I know women make majority of the buying decision and I want to turn it over to the ladies on this one? Give me your thoughts on this?

Keep sexy out of construction or I am calling this company now?

Have a great Memorial Day, Thank a vet.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sharing Awesome LinkedIn Tips For Contractors

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Charlyn Shelton on LinkedIn.

She specifically shared tips for Contractors like us that I found incredibly useful and adjusted my profile just now. Here is a couple of tips that were shared and I recommend listening to the entire interview below.

Tip #1: I am paraphrasing here, on the LinkedIn homepage your heading below your name needs to have your location in it. For myself it was Tampa Bay Renovation Contractor. I personally never thought about having the location in this area until we did a search and my name didnt come up. Now I rank much higher and will be moving up quickly.

Tip #2: My phone number right near the top of my summary section. I thought my contact info was enough for my number and then Charlyn explained only certain connections could see that info. Everyone else could not.

Charlyn took the time and shared much more details in the audio. We thank her for the time and sharing her expertise. Click below and enjoy the listen, leave some comments please..

Click Here-LinkedIn For Contractors Audio Interview